Perfect Ball U

Cell phone pictures from the last game of Ball State’s undefeated football season when all the students rushed the field.



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4 responses to “Perfect Ball U

  1. What a glorious time that was. Too bad it will never happen again. Regardless, you have to come tailgate at homecoming this year.

    • Erin

      It will happen again Ashley, you just have to believe. And possibly take some hallucinogens. And while I generally plan my life around Ball State football (sadly not a joke) I am going to be up north the weekend of Homecomming (my own bad planning – I mean it’s also baby Jaren’s 21st). So I am planning to come another weekend of a home football game, along with Jen, Megan and Joe, and probably D. So it will just have to be another party weekend in Funcie.

  2. Jen

    almost all the students rushed the field. i was too afraid too jump over the fence, so i leisurely made my way down to the field.

    • REJ we were just all impressed you went on the field, they did announce that there would be no field access… but don’t worry, we won’t tell Marsha.

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